Новые вопросы - CodeHelperСписок последних 15 вопросов с сайта CodeHelperuuid:b1b853ac-468d-4683-91b0-c2333c594adf;id=57702012-09-25T06:27:33Zuuid:b1b853ac-468d-4683-91b0-c2333c594adf;id=5771need help for using loginza api in my asp.net site2012-04-30T07:11:43-05:002012-04-30T07:11:43-05:00hemanthello frnds, i want to use loginza in my asp.net site. but i am not getting any good and complete reference to use it. in this i register my site also and i got token key, id etc. i use it to abstractuuid:b1b853ac-468d-4683-91b0-c2333c594adf;id=5772login users with loginza in asp.net c#2012-04-30T23:39:27-05:002012-04-30T23:39:27-05:00hemanthi, i want to use functionality of loginza in my site which is in asp.net c#. i get registered with loginza site and also got my token key and id, using these i got response but response is an error